Foundations And Concrete

Rodriguez Paving And Foundation Company starts by following the plans for our jobs. We have managers with many years of experience that always have a keen eye to detail.

Foundations and Concrete – Excavation to be filled in with rebar

Our foundations are made with excellent precision and provide for many years of life to your projects. Our managers and team do not use shortcuts to cut time but instead work to establish the longest-lasting foundations. 

  • Our Concrete Jobs include:
  • Driveways
  • Retaining Walls
  • Curbs
  • Steps
  • Slabs
  • Septic Tanks

Our process includes clearing plots or land where the foundation will be made, excavating the footers, painting the dimensions, tying the steel, putting in the forms, and pouring the concrete to the prepared measurements.


Our process begins with clearing trees and creating a space to work in. 

Excavating the Footers

After there is a space cleared out, we excavate where the footers will go. We make sure the footers are straight and deep enough to hold the correct amount of concrete.


Once the footers are dug, we paint and make precise measurements to line up the steel.

Tying the Steel

The steel is bent and lined up to our previously made measurements. We tie them tight to have no movement when the concrete is poured.

Putting in the Forms

We make forms to shape the concrete. Stakes are added to give more support to the forms.

Pouring the Concrete

Finally we order the concrete and pour it into the footers. Our team distributes the concrete evenly and smooths out the concrete to be level.